Friday, December 23, 2011

Meet Lucy

Here's a bright spot for you on this cold winter day! Meet Lucy. I was one of the lucky winners of Shirley's adorable, handmade owls as part of her Winter Wednesday Blog Hop. I was jumping with joy when the package arrived. There was even an adorable handmade card enclosed from those sweet gals, Shirley and Terry SU. They both have the most marvelous blogs. (Click each name to visit). I'm so happy I came across them a couple of months ago. Thank you very much girls!!!

I named my owl Lucy, because she makes me smile. It comes from the I Love Lucy show that makes me laugh, and smile every time I see it. She is proudly perched high in my stamp room where I can look up and see much fun!

Thank you for stopping by. Have the merriest Christmas ever.


  1. so cute!!!!

    wishing you a blessed christmas and new year :)

    *hope to be back around more with the coming year!

  2. How cute she looks!! I love her name Lucy. My Daughter and I love that show too. I am so glad you love her SO!


  3. It's good to know Lucy is in the home of someone who will love her and take care of her! Merry Christmas Jean! Thanks for the kind words.