Thursday, July 14, 2011

Color Round Up Winner

Hi everyone! No creation to post today, as it's Thursday. This is my day with my friends...having lunch, crafting, solving world problems, LOL. Anyway, I'm happy to share that I won last week's Color Round Up at Holly's Rubber Red Neck blog. My winning badge is now on the right hand side. I'm thrilled to have something else to "pretty up" my blog. Just click to go to Holly's fabulous site. She has tons of great ideas. I will definitely keep on doing her challenges.
Have a great, great day. I'll be back soon with another A La Monkey Challenge creations.


  1. Terry and I always say we are out solving the worlds problems everytime we go to lunch Congrats on the new badge!


  2. Yay Jean congratulations on earning the badge! You always make such wonderful stuff. Hope you all had fun at the Corner Bakery yesterday. Wish I could have gone and am sorry I missed it.