Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's Washi?

Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape #131269

Today is the debut of Jean's jewel. I will be offering information and tips on current Stampin' Up products to keep you informed of the latest and the greatest. I am still not sure how often I will be posting my little gems, but will just go with it for now.

Gingham Garden Designer Washi Tape #129314

You have to be under a rock if you haven't noticed how popular Washi Tape has become of late. It's all over Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, and certainly in every popular craft store on or off line. That includes Stampin' Up! of course.
Washi is a style of Japanese paper tape most commonly made using fibers from natural barks.
The word comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper. It is used to describe paper made in the traditional manner regardless of where it's manufactured. Because it is natural it is much easier to work with. It holds pretty good, but is repositionable if you work with it slowly. It will stick to most surfaces without damaging effects.
I have used Washi tape more and more since SU introduced it in their new catalog. They currently have four different sets. (3 in a set). There are 5 yards of each design for $4.95. That's quite a bargain. I have used it to seal envelopes, wrap around bottle necks, wrapping, and card making. There are tons of uses.

Witches' Brew Designer Washi Tape #132156

Season of Style Designer Washi Tape #132155

All of these styles are currently available in my online store. Simply click on the shopping cart button to shop 24/7.
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  1. i LOVE washi tape! i bought me about 6 rolls and guess what? there they sit! so now i got me the SU stamp set TAPE IT and i can probably do my own washi tape... ya think? i'm sure gonna try!

    looking forward to your tutorials and examples!

    hugs :)

  2. well i have a love for washi but never use it!!! lol